Meet Our Team


John Roberts

As well as being a director of Emakreb-Epike, John Roberts is a confident entrepreneur and an inspiring motivational speaker whose audiences enjoy listening to and learning from him. Creative and technically gifted, he feels compelled to help people develop their mindset, their self-esteem, and self-actualisation. He also helps young people to achieve their personal goals and ambitions and make a positive contribution to society and culture.

Grace Roberts

Driven to excel in all that she does, Grace Roberts the CEO of Emakreb Epike, but also a positive self-starter, a self-determined disciplinarian, a dreamer, and an entrepreneur. Grace’s goal-oriented approach is based strongly on growth and development. She is contagiously enthusiastic about her work, making a positive impact wherever she goes.


Outside of Emakreb-Epike, Grace is a Social Secretary on the London Calabar Forum and an Assistant Secretary of Nigeria Women Organisation in London. She is actively involved in her local church choir.


Donald Roberts

Bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience, Donald Roberts is a pastor and an extraordinary leader. As a qualified mentor in our spiritual project, he is invaluable to Emakreb-Epike's journey.


Christiana Bassey

Overseeing activities in Africa, Christiana Bassey is an administrator for Emakreb-Epike 


Destiny Emmanuel

Destiny is an Economics graduate with a passion for youth development and well-being. She is a personal assistant at Emakreb-Epike and works alongside the team to assure things are running smoothly.

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