Promoting Life Skills with Children and Young Adults

Youth development is an important part of our integration support services at Emakreb-Epike. Working with children and young people of all cultures, we believe it’s important to take part in activities around the home and garden and learn valuable life skills. Watch the videos below for more information or get in touch today to discuss what we do.


Check out our intro video on Grace's YouTube platform Amazing Grace Cooking Zone! We will be uploading content showcasing our work, various youth activities and much more so be sure to subscribe!

Book of the Month

Reading is an important part of growth and development and we aspire to share various books that touch on moral issues and aid self development. This month we recommend 'God is mindful of you' by Tokunbo Emmanuel - a book that focuses on Mental health, hope and faith. Click here to purchase! 

encouraging youth development

We believe in encouraging young people with life skills training and youth development activities.